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Hey I have lots of great products and prints on my two sites above so take a look and treat yourself or someone else.
http://www.cafepress.com/artofjamesdumas or http://childofdanu.deviantart.com

*I think I may make this my business card.

Writer's Block: Kiss me, I’m Irish!

I'm celebrating Irish Pride Day at my favorite coffee shop right now with beer, my green Utilikilt, and my black Ireland t-shirt. Erin go Bragh
How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day?
Great merchandise awaits at the site below! Support your starving artists!

Sad Day....

This morning I got a call from my younger brother that the hospital my father was in down in Statesboro, that they had called my mom and told her that my Dad had taken a turn for the worse. She was heading there anyway, but before they made it at somewhere after 10 this morning he had passed away. I was at work and little before 12 I had walked outside to smoke and something told me there was something wrong. Then five minutes later my brother called and told me Dad was gone. I broke down. He is no longer in pain and hopefully in a better place. I miss you Dad, love you.

More Art Merchandise up!

I've uploaded more pieces for the various merchandise items on Cafe Press! Have yourself a look and maybe grab a Christmas/Yule item.

My Cafe Press site is up!


Hey I have my first image up for my Cafe Press site. There are a lot of great items to choose from. I will have more on there soon.

He's doing okay!

Since the Wednesday after Dragon*Con my father has been in the hospital due to a neurological stroke of the brain, I am happy to say that he is out of the ICU. He's aware, responding, and trying to talk. Which may be a little difficult for a while since they gave him a tracheotomy, but he is getting better. My younger sister is about to join the ranks tomorrow of us 40 somethings.

My Dad is in the ICU

Today my Dad was supposed to come by and pick up Melissa and I so i could do something for him. When I got home from work he was supposed to be there, but when 6:00 rolled around he had not arrived, so I called and no answer. Thirty minutes later I called again, because I was getting worried and still np response. I called my younger sister to try and reach him also no response. I then rushed to his house, found his car outside and a light on inside and still no response. As my sister was on her way I called 911 and before the fire truck got there my sister had a key. I was truly worried as to what we would see. We found a pool of vomit in the kitchen and then my Dad slumped against a bookcase on the floor. We checked to see he was still breathing and he was, but was totally unresponsive. Shortly thereafter the firemen showed up followed by the EMTs. They took him to the Medical Center and we came later. They think he may have had a stroke. Before they sedated him, he was and is still unresponsive. I am still worried, because it was hard for all three of us to see our Dad in that condition

Getting Harassed by the Man!

So I'm walking from my apartment down to Exxon on Riverside to get some cigarettes, listening to my MP3 player, as I am approaching the Krystal I noticed in my peripheral traffic is behind me and not moving forward. Then a squad car pulls off makes a right turn and then a siren behind me. Apparently he is signaling me. So I pull out my ear bud and he ask me to step to the front of his car. This apparent rookie thinks that my umbrella is a sword, because it is modeled after a Viking sword and can be carried on the back. He looks at it and pulls it out slightly as I tell him it is an umbrella. He says, "It is weird to see someone carrying a sword and he had to make sure I had no ill intentions to use it." Of course I told him that in Macon it is not illegal to carry a sword as long as it is not concealed. I don't think he knew that. He asks my name and I just tell him my first name and walk off. Now I'm pissed. The ladies at the Exxon saw it happen and said that he was harassing me because I am white (which is funny since they are both African-American) and because of the recent murder here. Now if I am angry enough to use one of my many swords against someone I don't think I am going to be obvious about it. If I wish to carry a sword in public and I think we ought to be able to. Of course I was wearing all black, along with my black kilt. A little ignorance goes a long way instead of going after real criminals

Buy some artwork please!

I could really use the money and it would be nice to finally sell a print. Also I can use the funds for Dragon*Con and possibly my future wedding. I may also join the Facebook ranks to promote my art. So here's the web address childofdanu.deviantart.com ! If you happen to run into me at the convention or see me and bought a print I will sign it for you. So any help will be appreciated.